Clinical Supervision

What is psychotherapy?

Talking therapies are especially helpful if you need to air a particular problem with a professional who is trained to listen and help you understand what you are feeling.  They are designed to help people who wish to make changes in their lives.

What happens when you see a psychotherapist?

Research demonstrates that three factors need to be in place in order for therapy to be successful:

the first is hope and motivation from the client who wants to change;

the second that a good therapeutic alliance can be established (this means that timings of appointments and convenience of the practice setting and fees are all acceptable, in effect the business side of the relationship);

and thirdly and very important is that the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client is good. 

As a client, you should feel that your therapist listens to you and has a sense of what you need to talk about.  Typically, after the first session, if the client wishes to continue they will be offered four further sessions to explore the key issues.  During this period they will know if a good working relationship can be made with the therapist, and if they wish to have longer-term therapy.  Plenty of opportunity to discuss options will always be given.

What can psychotherapy help?

Robert has extensive experience in working both short and long term, depending on the needs and issues of the client.

Clients can profitably explore difficult, and often painful, emotions and experiences. These may include feelings of anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties or perhaps the loss of meaning in life.

Robert has worked in depth with somatic trauma therapy and published work on the mind-body connection. He has particular skills, interest and experience working with trauma, panic attacks, burnout and the long lasting effects of childhood trauma.

Clinical Supervision

Robert also has a postgraduate training in clinical psychotherapy supervision. He has worked for 20 years helping psychotherapists gain a better understanding of their practice. He is able to offer either individual sessions or small group supervision.