Robert Shaw PhD

Osteopath and Psychotherapist in Stockholm

Robert Shaw

Robert’s expertise is in how both physical, and psychological problems, can cause symptoms in the body. He has worked as an osteopath for over 30 years and a psychotherapist for 25 years.

He is able to treat both mind and body, with those who have acute pain or longer term chronic symptoms. His breadth of knowledge, and extensive practical experience enables him to use a whole body approach to explore the underlying problems which may be causing the symptoms, and help bring the fullest resolution.

Consultations are in English or Swedish.


I have known Bob for a number of years and have seen him when my back and neck have needed the attention of an osteopath and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. Apart from the fact that he is a great osteopath who gets results and eases pain it is how he goes about it that is his gift. The way he communicates both in terms of listening so that he can diagnose accurately and then explaining the diagnosis and what he’s doing as he works in turn builds trust, respect and relief. There are no surprises. He does all this with a ready wit and as another Brit in Stockholm I’ve always been impressed with his commitment to speaking Swedish with his Swedish clients!

Sue (Stockholm)

Bob is a brilliant osteopath, a lovely person and as a client I thoroughly recommend his services (as I have already done to friends and family). I have been regularly seeing him since 2012 when I experienced pains in my shoulder and back. His empathetic understanding of the relationship between the psyche and body instilled confidence in me for Bob from the first meeting. He always takes the time to listen and through his advice, has helped me gain a deeper understanding and proactive approach to my body and health. Not only is he very competent and pedagogical, he is a very interesting person and I genuinely look forward to catching up with him and enjoying his thoughts and views.

Stina (Stockholm)

I have been going to Bob regularly for over two years. He has had a huge impact on how I feel today. I have suffered for a long time with both back and neck pain. Over the years, I have tried most things before I met Bob. At my first meeting I immediately got a very good impression of him. He is genuinely interested in solving problems. He looks for the reasons why the problems occurred. I always feel welcome, and he takes time to explain carefully in a calm and safe manner. Since he has magic fingers he always finds what needs to be treated, and I always feel better after treatment. And just as important, I am genuinely happy to see him. I always walk away with a smile on my face.

Mikael (Nacka)

I came to Bob with back ache and he immediately sensed that something was wrong. He asked if something had happened and there and then two years of psychotherapy started. I know Bob as someone you can trust. A wise person with many years of practice to fall back on. The therapy enhanced my possibility to communicate and helped me recognize and act on early signals of stress and to really in-depth create the life I want to have.

To sum it up Bob is someone you can talk to when the life gets tough or you have patterns you want to change.

Siri (Stockholm)

I have suffered from a painful hip for many years following a horse-riding accident. I came to Bob after being recommended by my previous osteopath who was leaving Stockholm.

Although I don’t understand the details of osteopathy, it works for me! Bob listens to what I say and I guess, also to what I do not say verbally. My experience of him is that he really knows what he is doing.

A few years ago I badly damaged my knee, and when the regular health care services did not help, under Bob’s guidance I obtained an X-ray which clearly showed that the knee was badly damaged. I now have a replacement knee.

Bob guided and treated me through the recovery after the knee-operation, and continues to give follow up treatment to the swelling of the knee area and also my old hip problem. He also knows what he doesn´t know. On my way to his practice more than a year ago I fell and damaged my arm. After examination he said he was not sure it was not broken. He advised me to go to the hospital if it was still as bad on the following day.

To sum up: With a stiff body, swollen knee and shoulders up by my ears I have entered Bobs surgery. An hour later I leave the place breathing calmly and moving with ease and confidence. I can enjoy my walk back to the train to Uppsala. Mostly I sleep very well after the treatment. Sometimes however I may be a bit sore but that goes away after a day.

Eva (Uppsala)

Bob has been a great support during some difficult times I had in regards to my lower back problems. He has a thorough approach and does not just assess the immediate problem but has a holistic understanding of ones body. Bob is an extremely competent osteopath who has always found an effective way of improving my health situation. I owe him a lot and do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone – including my family and friends.

Rochus (Södermalm)

I knew it was well over time for an osteopathic adjustment, but I had been putting it off. When I finally arrived at Robert’s clinic it was like entering into the calm centre of the storm of my everyday work and family life. Not only does Robert have a detailed understanding of how a body needs to best compose itself for health and comfort, but with a background in psychotherapy he also has the indispensable understanding of the profound entanglement of body and mind. I arrived at Robert’s clinic well over a year ago in a moment of particular stress and exhaustion, and found I was able to recalibrate my way of being in a world with his kind advice and guidance.

Hélène (Södermalm)

I came to see Bob several years ago when I had a very painful back problem. I have great trust in him and when other difficulties have arisen along the way I have returned without hesitation. I like his way of care and the treatment is very effective. I see Bob as a warm person and at the same time a good listener which I appreciate very much.

Lotta (Enskede)

Dr. Shaw is an gifted osteopath who has treated three of our children over the past 5 years on our summer visits to Stockholm. My  9 year old son had a painful groin pull sustained in a soccer game that prevented him from walking normally. One visit with Dr. Shaw and his pain was gone, he walked out of the treatment room normally and with instructions on how to care for the injury. He was right as rain for the remainder of his soccer camp. My adult daughters, who have regularly seen osteopaths in the US, both stated that Dr. Shaw’s treatment sessions were the best they had ever received. Each daughter had specific injuries with associated pain and both walked out of their treatment sessions feeling absolutely normal and pain free. We regularly visit osteopaths back in the US and yet all three of our children say Dr. Shaw’s work is noticeably the best they have received. Whenever we are in Stockholm, we now seek his treatment out. We appreciate his obvious ability to conduct sessions in English, but equally impressive is his ability to work in Swedish. It’s a testimony to his overall compassionate and professional demeanour- he respects people and meets them where they are. Dr. Shaw is also a very nice and friendly person with a good sense of humour- we highly recommend him!

Megan (Seattle, USA)